well, hello stranger.

introductions, anyone?

i’m a planner… one of the behind the scenes nobodies with a love for all the nuts and bolts that hold a wedding together. we are smitten with tradition. we adore all things modern. we love fresh ideas. and we thrive under new challenges. but keep focused. a wedding is first, foremost, and always about a marriage. my name is sara, and i want to help tell your love story.

about sara

  • she worked in the food and beverage industry for 12 years by the time she was 26.
  • her undergraduate, double major, and graduate degrees were all in fields of business.
  • lake charles has more than three red lights, so at first, it was the “big city.”  then she went to london.
  • since 2012, she has been involved in nearly 600 weddings and events – and counting
    • this includes her experience with weddings associated with her previous job at empire of the seed in lake charles where she managed two premier event centers in the area: the historic calcasieu marine national bank and the historic cash & carry building.
  • she’s in love with excellent food, unique spirits, good cheer, and great company.
    • beer always tastes better in the proper glass. side note: she should brew more often.
  • her cat understands her meows.
  • nutella brownies.
  • she knows the difference between there, their, and they’re.
  • coffee is her muse.  the same could be said for music or traveling – even more so when they occur simultaneously.
  • she bought a house, got married, and honeymooned within a 39 day span. she doesn’t recommend it, but she will get you through it if this unfortunate scenario finds you.
  • said house is over 100 years old. she bought it because it reminded her of summers at her great-grandmother’s house.
    • she’s currently working on becoming more handy.
  • when not planning weddings, she dreads the gym, the laundry, and the overcooked steak.


  • inspire
  • guide
  • direct

we adore

  • itineraries
  • logistics
  • to-do lists

we are

  • educators
  • budgeters
  • confidants