well, hello stranger.

i’m sara.

what i like to do most when we first meet is listen.  chances are, you already have an idea of what you want for your big day.  my job is to connect you with vendors that will make it happen seamlessly while keeping it an enjoyable and fulfilling experience from day one to the day after the event.

the strength you will gain with me as your planner or coordinator comes from the pride I take with my problem solving skills and my meticulous attention to detail which i have learned from observation, organization, and years in the industry.  murphy’s law is real, but my goal is sticking to the plan while having a plan b, c, and d in the bag.

let’s chat over coffee some time.



about sara

  • she worked in the food and beverage industry for 12 years by the time she was 26.
  • her undergraduate, double major, and graduate degrees were all in fields of business.
  • lake charles has more than three red lights, so at first, it was the “big city.”  then she went to london.
  • since 2012, she has been involved in nearly 400 weddings and events – and counting
    • this includes her experience with weddings associated with her previous job at empire of the seed in lake charles where she managed two premier event centers in the area: the historic calcasieu marine national bank and the historic cash & carry building.
  • she’s in love with excellent food, unique spirits, good cheer, and great company.
    • beer always tastes better in the proper glass. side note: she should brew more often.
  • her cat understands her meows.
  • nutella brownies.
  • she knows the difference between there, their, and they’re.
  • coffee is her muse.  the same could be said for music or traveling – even more so when they occur simultaneously.
  • she bought a house, got married, and honeymooned within a 39 day span. she doesn’t recommend it, but she will get you through it if this unfortunate scenario finds you.
  • said house is over 90 years old. she bought it because it reminded her of summers at her great-grandmother’s house.
    • she’s currently working on becoming more handy.
  • when not planning weddings, she dreads the gym, the laundry, and the overcooked steak.


  • inspire
  • guide
  • direct

we adore

  • itineraries
  • logistics
  • to-do lists

we are

  • educators
  • budgeters
  • confidants