sara lasher is one of the most organized, poised, and patient people i know. her soft guidance, positive energy, and wealth of creativity kept me sane throughout the wedding planning process. she is incredibly talented at what she does, and more importantly, she loves doing it. lake charles is so fortunate to have such a selfless, meticulous, and innovative wedding and event planner.

melissa smith - bride

our lady queen of heaven wedding & cash & carry reception, 06.02.2017

sara has helped with ideas for my dress all the way to what i want when setting up for my reception! very dependable, easy to talk to and professional! would recommend her to everyone i know! thanks for your help and i’m so appreciative!
megan mancuso clement – bride

wedding and grand marais ballroom reception, 11.22.2014

a professional who is as excited about your event as you are. working with sara has been such a pleasure; she is effective, efficient and excellent. her knowledge of local vendors and the relationships she has built with them allow you to have the event of your dreams while keeping it local. lake charles has a great asset in her.
darla meyer – mother of bride

private family farmland wedding and reception, 10.10.2014

Thanks to Sara, I was able to enjoy every moment of my special day. I did not have a worry in the world, because I knew Sara would take care of anything and everything that came our way. With Sara in charge, I was able to focus on what was really important, my husband to be and the moment we were joined as husband and wife. She is amazing and I don’t know what I would have done without her!
blair chamberlain – bride

our lady queen of heaven wedding & calcasieu marine national bank reception, 06.28.2014

my daughter wanted the décor to be rustic with just the right amount of chic. sara was there for all our needs. i rate her five stars. forever grateful.
mike sperandeo – father of bride

the holy spirit chapel wedding and cash & carry building reception, 03.29.2014

i have worked with sara for years planning one of the most popular beer events in the state. as with weddings, this is an event where everything must be right. we have to account for dozens of details and logistics and it must all happen without mistakes. this has happened every year because of sara. things always come up when you are planning an event and sara always has the solution. so, if you are planning a wedding, or other event, and want to sleep the night before the event, i suggest you just pay her whatever she wants and it will happen.

nick villaume - la winter beer fest co-chair

2015 to present

my husband and i both fell in love with sara through planning our wedding! i wish we can get married again so that we could work with her once more! she is truly amazing at what she does! if you’re having a wedding, there are going to be at least 1 million details that you won’t think of, but sara will have each and every one of those details covered to the t. i’m so happy we had the privilege of having sara as our wedding coordinator!

sunni nichols - bride

cash & carry wedding & reception, 09.09.2017

excerpt from letter – denise and i wanted to let you know what a pure delight it was to work with you in planning hannah’s recent wedding reception at the historic calcasieu marine national bank.
sam wilkinson – father of bride

calcasieu marine national bank reception , 08.17.2013

sara was there for us every step of the way. from rehearsal to reception and everything in between. our wedding would not have been the amazing event it was without her. kari and i are blessed to have had sara as our wedding planner and our friend.
shamus barras – groom

waters edge community theatre wedding and cash & carry building reception, 08.16.13

sara kept us sane as an eight month engagement unexpectedly became a one month engagement. she supported and guided us through, and helped make our wedding memorable for all the right reasons.
ron fontenot – groom

waters edge community theatre wedding and prien lake park harbors edge pavilion reception, 11.16.2012

it was a pleasure working with sara! her knowledge and expertise helped to make planning a wedding less stressful. the practical suggestions that were offered helped tremendously in the overall success of our daughter’s special day!
laura partin – mother of the bride

cash & carry wedding and reception, 09.08.2012

couldn’t have imagined planning a wedding without sara! this lady has some serious planning, coordinating, and organization skills, not to mention she knows how to get things done and she does them right! i’m forever grateful for everything she did to make my wedding day so special and enjoyable, as well as the entire planning process!!

olivia moss - bride

church of the good shepherd wedding & calcasieu marine national bank reception,  11.26.2016

one of the best decisions i made as a bride was hiring sara to be my wedding coordinator! she & her team are worth every penny & more! she made the process stress free, enjoyable, and honestly became a friend through this process. i’ve recommended her to all my friends that have recently got engaged, and all of them have hired her! once you meet with her you will quickly realize she is the most organized, well thought out, and the best individual for this job! the calming presence she has is what puts the icing on the cake! you’d be crazy not to hire her!

kim holleman - bride

st. luke simpson wedding & the stables at le bocage reception,  05.28.2016

well she is my wife. anything short of 5 stars i’m sleeping on the couch.

alex lasher - groom… and husband
when i first started planning for our wedding, i had no idea where to even begin. sara’s knowledge and past experience was a tremendous help in so many ways! from providing us with all the info for local caterers, decorators, florist, etc…all the way to coordinating each and every small detail to ensure that our wedding reception was nothing less than perfect, sara’s continuous dedication led us to a night we had always dreamed of!
meagan robbins – bride

calcasieu marine national bank reception, 07.28.2012

i don’t know how i could’ve gotten through the whole planning process and day of without sara! i can’t believe we have someone so amazing in our area. she never misses a beat, has the best ideas and truly has a vision with what she does. i know my day wouldn’t have been as amazing without her! i highly recommend her.

kim wanamaker - bride

calcasieu marine national bank ceremony & reception, 09.15.2018

if you’re looking for the best of the best, sara is it. her energy, attention to detail, professionalism and dedication are second to none, and her inclusion on any event or project guarantees a roaring success.

ohn o’donnell - la winter beer fest volunteer organization director

2017 and 2018

if you are lost in a sea of wedding oblivion, you can look to sara for clear, concise direction. she has worked with the best in the business and knows how to get the job done beautifully. we all need a bit of guidance when there are so many choices and important decisions to be made in a short amount of time. you want your wedding to be special and memorable, not stressful, so look to sara. i’m so glad we did! thank you sara!
anja richard – mother of the bride

calcasieu marine national bank wedding and reception, 03.10.2012